Earle Stanton Olsen 1926-2011

My wonderful father-in-law, who painted passionately until nearly his last day.

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  1. This is beautiful, Josh. I would’ve loved to have met Earle. My mom is a very passionate and prolific painter too and this video reminded me of her. And even though she already makes her own crazy videos (not kidding – http://bit.ly/RegiaShow), your video inspired me to create one of her. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Josh, I just ran across the video of Earle Olsen – it was very touching and I appreciate you giving me a peep inside your families life. I am & will always remain an admirer of his work.
    I’m sure your family misses him deeply but a part of him will live forever thru the beautiful art he created. I hope to own a piece myself one day – thank you again for sharing your video. Karen

  3. Hi Josh..I just found out that Earle Olsen was my dad’s first cousin. Earle’s mom, Elsie Anderson and my grandfather, Henry Anderson were brother and sister. Nice to see these cousins that I didn’t know, in your beautiful video. Much love and peace to you all..thank you for sharing. I would have never known about them if you hadn’t.

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