My Talk From Ignite Lean Startup: Replacing Requirements with Hypotheses

Here is a video of my 5-minute Ignite talk, delivered last month at Ignite: Lean Startup II.

Thanks to the event organizers, especially Ryan MacCarrigan and the NYC Lean Startup Meetup for having me and for hosting such a great event.

And by the way, ┬áif you’ve never been to an Ignite event, you should go. The format is a blast–5 minutes, 20 slides, slides advance automatically every 15 seconds. Lots of nerve-wracking fun. And at Ryan’s events anyway, lots of booze to lubricate the crowd.

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  1. Awesome! I’m curious about the second problem that says, “we need to find a better way to be productive without meetings.” Shoot that video and/or solve that challenge and you have gold!

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