The Lean UX book is here!

Lean UX book cover
I’m delighted to announce that the book Lean UX is here. Written with my colleague Jeff Gothelf, I’m very proud of this book, and very pleased with the early reactions and positive reviews.

In 2010, I was introduced to the Lean Startup movement, and was excited by the way these ideas aligned with the way my design practice was evolving: it was becoming more agile, more collaborative, more focused on solving problems beyond the user interface level. I began to apply Lean Startup ideas in my work.

At about the same time, I began working with (and ultimately started a company with) Jeff Gothelf. As we traveled the world to teach these methods, we met entrepreneurs, designers, engineers and managers who shared our enthusiasm for Lean Startup. We observed that they all asked a similar question: “How do we put these ideas into practice?”  This book is our answer to that question. It’s designed to be a very practical, tactical guide to putting Lean Startup ideas into motion within your product teams. It explains how to:

  • Get a tactical understanding of Lean UX—and how it changes the way teams work together
  • Frame a vision of the problem you’re solving and focus your team on the right outcomes
  • Make your team more productive: combine Lean UX with Agile’s scrum framework
  • Understand the organizational shifts necessary to integrate Lean UX

I hope you’ll pick up a copy. And after you’ve read it, please do share your feedback with us.

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