User Experience in a Rapidly Changing World

User Experience in a Rapidly Changing World is a talk I gave a few years ago about how designers work in software today. (I just discovered the video this week.) Today’s world is agile and continuous. Teams design, build, and release new software to the market in an ongoing way, faster than most of us can imagine. What does this mean for the way we do our jobs?

In this talk, I argue for 6 key tactics:

  1. Continous Learning
  2. Assumptions and Hypotheses
  3. Small, Cross-functional Teams
  4. Enable Making
  5. Manage Outcomes
  6. A New Organization

I didn’t think there was video from this conference, but I was happy to discover a video of my talk at Interaction South America in Recife Brazil in 2013. This was one of the best design conferences I’ve been to. Alas, not the best video, but good enough for documentary purposes.

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