About this blog: I’m Josh Seiden. This blog began as my personal video blog and has evolved over time to consider a wider range of topics, but it’s still about things that interest me. These days I write mostly about User Experience design, product development, and innovation. But I’m still interested in video, music, and the creative process, so you’ll find a fair amount of that here as well. Use the categories list to filter out stuff that’s not interesting to you.

About Josh: Josh Seiden is a designer who has spent most of his career working on the design of complex software applications and integrating design into the product development process. Over the course of 25 years working in technology Josh has developed specialities that include Lean UX, interaction design, service design, and user experience design in agile software development environments.

Josh is currently working as a consultant, collaborating with smart people to launch products and services, improve team processes, and training leadership teams. Earlier this decade, he was a Managing Director in the NYC office of Neo, the global product innovation firm. At Neo, he continued the work he began as a founding partner at Proof, the product innovation studio that was acquired by Neo in late 2012.

Josh is the co-author of two books, both in collaboration with his writing partner, Jeff Gothelf. Eric Ries called their most recent book, Sense & Respond, “A crucial framework for the modern world of business.” Their first book, “Lean UX” is a must-read for UX designers and product teams. You should buy it.

Earlier, Josh was the NYC Program Director for LUXr. Prior to that, Josh was responsible for the Experience Group at Liquidnet, an electronic brokerage firm serving the institutional investment community. The Experience Group was a unique combination of Customer Experience, Marketing and Design teams who worked closely together to design and market Liquidnet’s product and service offerings.

Previously, he was the founder and President of 36 Partners, a NYC interaction design and user experience consulting firm. In the 90’s, Josh served on the leadership team at Cooper Interaction Design-one of the premier user experience consulting firms, and the leader of the interaction design movement. At Cooper, Josh worked on projects for clients such as IBM and 3M, and managed Cooper’s SAP account. During that time, he designed a wide range of hardware and software products, producing designs for health care systems, supply chain management tools, marketing automation and CRM systems, and meeting room tools.

He has led training seminars in Cooper’s goal-directed design methodology, organized the speaker series for IxDA NYC, and presented case studies and papers at a range of conferences.

Josh was a founding board member and past President of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), a professional organization that promotes the field of interaction design. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two children.

Want to get in touch? Click the address: josh…@gmail.com to reveal the whole thing.

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