Earle Stanton Olsen 1926-2011

My wonderful father-in-law, who painted passionately until nearly his last day.

All of Me

Q: What do you call a guy who hangs out with musicians? A: A drummer. We like to put people into boxes–roles that are defined by simple rules. Like: a musician is someone who makes … Read more →

Emerging forms, more iPad thoughts, finger creates art…

I got an email this afternoon from 20×200, a wonderful site that sells art at consumer prices. Today’s featured artist is Jorge Columbo, who creates images using a painting app called Brushes that runs on … Read more →

The best music for Omnigraffling

A dubstep mixtape, stream it while you can from: Blog ¬Ľ India Calling | Mad Decent.

Change of pace: a poem

Here’s a poem I wrote this week in response to prompt: consider a flower. Fathom it deeply. Write a poem about becoming congruent.

The Crocus

The flower doesn’t know
that I don’t know anything
about the flower.
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Coney Island

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Why Am I Doing This? Part 3

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Portrait of Parts

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