Yesterday Afternoon, Longnook Beach

Yesterday Afternoon, Longnook Beach from Joshua Seiden on Vimeo.

Goodbye old friend

Today was our last day working on Earle’s house–we moved out the last paintings, filled the last garbage bags, put on masks and swept out the rooms. I took this picture moments before driving away. 

(Daddy shovels) snow day

IMG_2264, originally uploaded by jseiden. Nice surprise on a Thursday morning.

Ton Kiang

IMG_2100, originally uploaded by jseiden. A photo from Ton Kiang in San Francisco a few weeks ago. I ate this meal ten years ago, and I ate it again the other night. Remarkable that it … Read more →

Vicksburg Street

Vicksburg, originally uploaded by jseiden. I’m back in San Francisco today, where I had the chance to walk around my old neighborhood. It’s always strange and wonderful to come back here. The things that are … Read more →

Last swim

A quiet morning on Cape Cod. A pond hidden in the National Seashore. Hard to leave this place for another year.

Walking home after the rain

First swim

First swim, originally uploaded by jseiden. Summer started today for me with a cold swim in Cape Cod bay. The winter storms hit hard this year: you can see the remains of the storm fencing … Read more →