Elysian Fields, Sept 30

A favorite band. My favorite people. Lovely venue. Beautiful flyer.

All of Me

Q: What do you call a guy who hangs out with musicians? A: A drummer. We like to put people into boxes–roles that are defined by simple rules. Like: a musician is someone who makes … Read more →

Two-handed multi-touch goes mainstream

One wonderful effect of the iPad release is that it has made multi-touch computing mainstream. If you want to argue that the iPhone accomplished this, fine. But the iPad unleashes a world of possibility due … Read more →

Annotation: Roll Um Easy

Here’s an older video that I found recently in my archives. I made this one about Little Feat’s wonderful Roll Um Easy.¬†Annotation: Roll Um Easy

Covers, and considering the familiar

Song covers, good and bad, expose something new in the familiar. The pleasure is that you’re never sure what will be exposed. Something about the original song or the original arrangement? Maybe the lyrics are … Read more →

The best music for Omnigraffling

A dubstep mixtape, stream it while you can from: Blog ¬Ľ India Calling | Mad Decent.

Outside the Met

Just outside the Met is a place that is not so much like the rest of New York. It’s more like the places outside the Prado and the Louvre and the British Museum. Crowded streets, … Read more →

Annotation: Rid of Me

Another of my favorite songs: Rid of Me by PJ Harvey. So simple, using such basic elements, but so carefully rendered. And damn thrilling too. If you like the song, you can buy it, either … Read more →