Learning From Live Systems @ Interaction ’16

What does it look like to do interaction design today? How do designers engage with systems, not simply screens, pixels, and other artifacts?

This recent talk, a keynote at Interaction ’16 in Helsinki, is my reflection on that question. I start the talk by comparing interaction design to urban planning—because of course that’s what we interaction designers do when we talk about our work. My argument though is that, just as street furniture doesn’t make for a successful urban plaza, interfaces are not enough to create a successful product or service. You need to cultivate and curate those services.

Most of the talk are case studies that show what that cultivation and curation looks like. This is very much a Lean UX + Service Design kind of approach.

Joshua Seiden – Learning From Live Systems: A Design Approach for Behavior from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.

Not your average bike race

Made my heart pound just sitting at my desk. Thanks to my friend Jaime for pointing this one out. VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.

(Daddy shovels) snow day

IMG_2264, originally uploaded by jseiden. Nice surprise on a Thursday morning.

Vicksburg Street

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Small towns, blue highways, and google maps

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Summer storm

Summer storm, originally uploaded by jseiden. The first thunderstorm of the season came through the other night, cooling off the 90 degree day and knocking down trees.

Emerging forms, more iPad thoughts, finger creates art…

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What’s in your front yard?

In at least one case, the answer is: a John Deere windmill frame stuffed horse with mirror in corner.

This Boy Likes to Watch Trucks

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Is the purpose of cities to create human well-being?

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