Beating Henry Ford’s Faster Horse

Designers and entrepreneurs who advocate customer research are used to resistance from skeptics.  Steve Jobs didn’t believe in customer research the skeptics say. And though he was enigmatic on the subject, Jobs did famously tell Business … Read more →

Proof + New Context

I’m very excited to announce today that Proof, the firm I founded with Jeff Gothelf and Giff Constable earlier this year, has been acquired by New Context. This merger is a result of the journey … Read more →

Team Problem Solving

Joshua Porter, writing recently on his blog, observed that “not all design problems are two weeks long.” Porter makes a distinction in the post between design as production (“we need an interface for this”) and … Read more →

Welcome UXPA

I welcome the recent announcement from the Usability Professionals Association that they have changed their name to User Experience Professionals Association. As one of the founders of IxDA, I thought I would share with you my … Read more →

9 Deadliest Startup Sins

Steve Blank’s nice summary of the problems his Customer Development process aims to correct. 1. Assuming you know what the customer wants 2. The “I know what features to build” flaw 3. Focusing on the … Read more →

I’m talking Lean UX in NYC & Boston in March & April

If you’re interested to hear me discuss what I’ve been thinking about these days, here are some opportunities: March 24: “Interviewing for User Experience” at General Assembly. Part of their full-day Startup Product Development Conference. … Read more →

Replacing Requirements with Hypotheses at Agile UX NYC

Here are my slides from my talk today at Agile UX NYC 2012. UPDATE: The organizers were kind enough to post the video of this talk on vimeo. Replacing Requirements with Hypotheses from William Evans on … Read more →

Announcing Proof

I’m thrilled today to announce the start of my new venture: Proof. Proof is a product innovation studio that combines lean processes with strategy, design and technology. With my fantastic partners Giff Constable and Jeff … Read more →

My Talk From Ignite Lean Startup: Replacing Requirements with Hypotheses

Here is a video of my 5-minute Ignite talk, delivered last month at Ignite: Lean Startup II. Thanks to the event organizers, especially Ryan MacCarrigan and the NYC Lean Startup Meetup for having me and … Read more →

Replacing Requirements with Hypotheses

On Monday night, John Halloran and I presented “Replacing Requirements with Hypotheses” at the Agile Experience Design Meetup in NYC. Here are our slides from the talk. Replacing Requirements with Hypotheses View more presentations from … Read more →