Advice for entrepreneurs, MVP edition

I saw this great post on Quora today from Isaac Hall, the co-founder of a Dropbox competitor. In a long, candid post, he talks about what he sees as the reasons for DropBox’s success. This … Read more →

Announcing LUXr NYC

I’m very excited to announce today the first LUXr NYC. The program, founded by Janice and Jason Fraser has been a hit in San Francisco. Now it’s coming to New York. The Lean UX Residency … Read more →

Agile UX? Lean UX? Customer Development? A multiple discovery moment

Steven Johnson writes in Where Good Ideas Come From about the notion of the adjacent possible. Coined by Stuart Kauffman, this phrase describes the idea that at any given moment, the game board of life … Read more →

Organizational Culture, Don Norman, and Design

“Tell the bank how you think they will screw this project up.” Read more →

All of Me

Q: What do you call a guy who hangs out with musicians? A: A drummer. We like to put people into boxes–roles that are defined by simple rules. Like: a musician is someone who makes … Read more →

What can you see?

We are often frustrated by journalists who write about our specialties. The things that seem obvious or important to us as specialists are often missing from the coverage of topics we care deeply about. Ever … Read more →

More iPad observations: little kids

I played a game with my niece and nephew this weekend. Actually, we played a lot of games. Isaac, 4, made things disappear by throwing them over his head. And Hazel collected green acorns in … Read more →

Small towns, blue highways, and google maps

I spent the weekend driving between small towns in upstate New York, Vermont, and Connecticut–navigating the whole time with Google Maps and my iPhone. In the past, I would have used printed maps, and would … Read more →

Omnigraffle for iPad, or I really wanted to like you

I’m a fan of Omnigraffle for Macintosh, so I’m sad to report that the iPad version is so poor. Omnigraffle for Mac has always been a clunky but useful product. It’s optimized for arranging pre-made … Read more →

Emerging forms, more iPad thoughts, finger creates art…

I got an email this afternoon from 20×200, a wonderful site that sells art at consumer prices. Today’s featured artist is Jorge Columbo, who creates images using a painting app called Brushes that runs on … Read more →