American Airlines promises you’ll be cold, tired, hungry & cramped

Service = brand. Policy = brand. Experience = brand. This should be obvious by now, but apparently someone forgot to tell American Airlines. At least, that’s my feeling now that I’ve returned from a vacation week … Read more →

Two-handed multi-touch goes mainstream

One wonderful effect of the iPad release is that it has made multi-touch computing mainstream. If you want to argue that the iPhone accomplished this, fine. But the iPad unleashes a world of possibility due … Read more →

Is the purpose of cities to create human well-being?

It never occured to me to wonder if a city could have a goal. And yet in retrospect, it seems the obvious first question to consider if one were to approach the design of urban … Read more →

The best music for Omnigraffling

A dubstep mixtape, stream it while you can from: Blog » India Calling | Mad Decent.