Learning From Live Systems @ Interaction ’16

What does it look like to do interaction design today? How do designers engage with systems, not simply screens, pixels, and other artifacts?

This recent talk, a keynote at Interaction ’16 in Helsinki, is my reflection on that question. I start the talk by comparing interaction design to urban planning—because of course that’s what we interaction designers do when we talk about our work. My argument though is that, just as street furniture doesn’t make for a successful urban plaza, interfaces are not enough to create a successful product or service. You need to cultivate and curate those services.

Most of the talk are case studies that show what that cultivation and curation looks like. This is very much a Lean UX + Service Design kind of approach.

Joshua Seiden – Learning From Live Systems: A Design Approach for Behavior from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.

Sketching Business Models

At the start of a project, we like to make sketches to help us understand the business we are trying to create. Who is the user? What is the product or service? And what is the business model? This helps us quickly identify the big risks on a project and then start targeting those risks in our work.

Spreadsheets + The Business Model Canvas

Until recently, the business model sketches have not been very satisfying. Read more →

User Experience in a Rapidly Changing World

User Experience in a Rapidly Changing World is a talk I gave a few years ago about how designers work in software today. (I just discovered the video this week.) Today’s world is agile and continuous. Teams design, build, and release new software to the market in an ongoing way, faster than most of us can imagine. What does this mean for the way we do our jobs?

In this talk, I argue for 6 key tactics:

  1. Continous Learning
  2. Assumptions and Hypotheses
  3. Small, Cross-functional Teams
  4. Enable Making
  5. Manage Outcomes
  6. A New Organization

I didn’t think there was video from this conference, but I was happy to discover a video of my talk at Interaction South America in Recife Brazil in 2013. This was one of the best design conferences I’ve been to. Alas, not the best video, but good enough for documentary purposes.

Amazon Deploys to Production Every 11.6 Seconds

Recently when I’ve been speaking at conferences, I’ve been talking a bit about the context in which LeanUX thrives. To understand that context, it’s important to understand continuous deployment and the way that this body of devOps practices have radically changed the way software products are managed.

Modern devOps is emblematic of the new reality of software: across the software world, we’re seeing increasing use of practices that are continuous in nature, and that promote flow, small batch size, and continuous improvement.

When I talk about devOps and continuous deployment, one figure that consistently blows peoples mind is this: Amazon deploys new software to production every 11.6 seconds.

Let me say that again. Amazon deploys new software to production every 11.6 seconds.

The source for this little nugget is this great talk from Jon Jenkins of Amazon, speaking at Velocity 2011:

It’s worth spending 15 minutes on, if you’re interested in reflecting on the future, and they way Amazon (and others) have been inventing it. And while you’re thinking about this, you might ask, “what am I doing to prepare myself, my practice, and my company for this new reality?”

A Designer’s Introduction to Lean Startup

Earlier this year, I gave a 10-minute talk at Interaction ’13 to introduce designers, specifically interaction designers, to the key concepts behind Lean Startup. The conference organizers recently posted the video from the session, so … Read more →

Yesterday Afternoon, Longnook Beach

Yesterday Afternoon, Longnook Beach from Joshua Seiden on Vimeo.

My Talk From Ignite Lean Startup: Replacing Requirements with Hypotheses

Here is a video of my 5-minute Ignite talk, delivered last month at Ignite: Lean Startup II. Thanks to the event organizers, especially Ryan MacCarrigan and the NYC Lean Startup Meetup for having me and … Read more →

Earle Stanton Olsen 1926-2011

My wonderful father-in-law, who painted passionately until nearly his last day.

LeanUX Panel at Startup Lessons Learned 2011

I was lucky to share a stage with Janice Fraser, Tim McCoy, Jeff Gothelf, and Zach Larson at Startup Lessons Learned yesterday, the conference organized by Eric Reis to evangelize the concept of Lean Startup. … Read more →

Not your average bike race

Made my heart pound just sitting at my desk. Thanks to my friend Jaime for pointing this one out. VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.