“Designers shouldn’t code” is the wrong answer to the right question

My friend Wayne Greenwood asked me what I thought of his recent blog post in which he argues that designers shouldn’t write code. He wrote, “Your time is the ultimate zero-sum game. The more you … Read more →

Nordstrom Innovation Lab: What Happened Next…

A few years ago, I was lucky to meet some of the team at the Nordstrom Innovation Lab. They shared a video the lab produced to showcase of the types of projects they were doing … Read more →


I was fortunate to spend most of the day yesterday at Lean UX NYC listening to a great slate of speakers open a 3-day event devoted to the topic. I’m pleased to see so much … Read more →

A Designer’s Introduction to Lean Startup

Earlier this year, I gave a 10-minute talk at Interaction ’13 to introduce designers, specifically interaction designers, to the key concepts behind Lean Startup. The conference organizers recently posted the video from the session, so … Read more →

User research for Lean Startups

I sat down recently with Tomer Sharon, author of It’s Our Research to talk about user research. Here’s the video. Josh Seiden It’s Our Research interview from Tomer Sharon on Vimeo.

The Lean UX book is here!

I’m delighted to announce that the book Lean UX is here. Written with my colleague Jeff Gothelf, I’m very proud of this book, and very pleased with the early reactions and positive reviews. In 2010, … Read more →

Advice to New Consultants: How to Listen

I was in a meeting recently with a new client and remembered some advice Alan Cooper gave me years ago. I had just started working for him, and was new to design and new to consulting. We … Read more →

Big Bang = Big Fail

I was stunned, but not surprised (if that’s possible) to read about the Air Force’s recent decision to cancel a billion dollar software program. Led by CSC and intended to implement an Oracle system to … Read more →

Only Three Questions

I’ve been saying recently that all research in new product development is about answering one of three basic questions. Is there an opportunity in the marketplace? Do people value the thing I’m putting in the … Read more →

Beating Henry Ford’s Faster Horse

Designers and entrepreneurs who advocate customer research are used to resistance from skeptics.  Steve Jobs didn’t believe in customer research the skeptics say. And though he was enigmatic on the subject, Jobs did famously tell Business … Read more →