LUXr NYC 2-day workshop, July 9-10

LUXr NYC will be hosting our next 2-day workshop on July 9-10 at Pivotal Labs in NYC. Come join me and Lane Halley at this fun and fast-paced weekend intensive. The intensive is a two-day … Read more →

LeanUX Panel at Startup Lessons Learned 2011

I was lucky to share a stage with Janice Fraser, Tim McCoy, Jeff Gothelf, and Zach Larson at Startup Lessons Learned yesterday, the conference organized by Eric Reis to evangelize the concept of Lean Startup. … Read more →

Entrepreneurial management? Innovation accounting? Eric Reis says you betcha!

A few years ago, a development manager where I worked asked me to sit down for a chat. He had been running a very successful application development team that had done a great job adopting … Read more →

Not your average bike race

Made my heart pound just sitting at my desk. Thanks to my friend Jaime for pointing this one out. VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.

People are strange and wonderful

Sometimes, we do things just because we can. Casteller from Mike Randolph on Vimeo. This video made me smile after a long, serious day. I’m grateful for that.

10 Questions and Answers about Lean User Experience

Recently, thanks to my friend Janice Fraser, I’ve had the good fortune of being exposed to the Lean Startup movement. I’ve been thinking and writing and talking about Lean User Experience for a few months … Read more →

Advice for entrepreneurs, MVP edition

I saw this great post on Quora today from Isaac Hall, the co-founder of a Dropbox competitor. In a long, candid post, he talks about what he sees as the reasons for DropBox’s success. This … Read more →

(Daddy shovels) snow day

IMG_2264, originally uploaded by jseiden. Nice surprise on a Thursday morning.

Announcing LUXr NYC

I’m very excited to announce today the first LUXr NYC. The program, founded by Janice and Jason Fraser has been a hit in San Francisco. Now it’s coming to New York. The Lean UX Residency … Read more →

Agile UX? Lean UX? Customer Development? A multiple discovery moment

Steven Johnson writes in Where Good Ideas Come From about the notion of the adjacent possible. Coined by Stuart Kauffman, this phrase describes the idea that at any given moment, the game board of life … Read more →