Omnigraffle for iPad, or I really wanted to like you

I’m a fan of Omnigraffle for Macintosh, so I’m sad to report that the iPad version is so poor. Omnigraffle for Mac has always been a clunky but useful product. It’s optimized for arranging pre-made … Read more →

On First Reading the Geologist’s Report On the Condition of the Bluff

The ice age made this. Though something was here before.

First swim

First swim, originally uploaded by jseiden. Summer started today for me with a cold swim in Cape Cod bay. The winter storms hit hard this year: you can see the remains of the storm fencing … Read more →

Summer storm

Summer storm, originally uploaded by jseiden. The first thunderstorm of the season came through the other night, cooling off the 90 degree day and knocking down trees.

Emerging forms, more iPad thoughts, finger creates art…

I got an email this afternoon from 20×200, a wonderful site that sells art at consumer prices. Today’s featured artist is Jorge Columbo, who creates images using a painting app called Brushes that runs on … Read more →

What’s in your front yard?

In at least one case, the answer is: a John Deere windmill frame stuffed horse with mirror in corner.

American Airlines promises you’ll be cold, tired, hungry & cramped

Service = brand. Policy = brand. Experience = brand. This should be obvious by now, but apparently someone forgot to tell American Airlines. At least, that’s my feeling now that I’ve returned from a vacation¬†week … Read more →

Two-handed multi-touch goes mainstream

One wonderful effect of the iPad release is that it has made multi-touch computing mainstream. If you want to argue that the iPhone accomplished this, fine. But the iPad unleashes a world of possibility due … Read more →

Annotation: Roll Um Easy

Here’s an older video that I found recently in my archives. I made this one about Little Feat’s wonderful Roll Um Easy.¬†Annotation: Roll Um Easy

Covers, and considering the familiar

Song covers, good and bad, expose something new in the familiar. The pleasure is that you’re never sure what will be exposed. Something about the original song or the original arrangement? Maybe the lyrics are … Read more →