William Kentridge

If you want to give a really great gift to someone who has been laid off or is out of work, give that person a museum membership. A friend recently gave me a membership to … Read more →

This Boy Likes to Watch Trucks

This morning, I stopped for a few minutes on the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, and was delighted to see the trucks moving earth for the new Brooklyn Bridge Park. The helicopters and ferries landing in … Read more →

Noel Sickles

Today’s enthusiasm: the illustrator Noel Sickles, who became famous for writing and drawing the Scorchy Smith strip in the mid-30’s. Other wonderful examples on Michael Lark’s blog, and on GoofButton.

Is the purpose of cities to create human well-being?

It never occured to me to wonder if a city could have a goal. And yet in retrospect, it seems the obvious first question to consider if one were to approach the design of urban … Read more →

At the Farmer’s Market

Yesterday was one of those early spring days when the sunshine and the warm weather brings everyone out of the house.

Marina Abramovic

I spent a little time yesterday at the Marina Abramovic show at MoMa. The show was moving and surpising to me: one does not often have permission to stare at another person as if they … Read more →

The best music for Omnigraffling

A dubstep mixtape, stream it while you can from: Blog ยป India Calling | Mad Decent.

Change of pace: a poem

Here’s a poem I wrote this week in response to prompt: consider a flower. Fathom it deeply. Write a poem about becoming congruent.

The Crocus

The flower doesn’t know
that I don’t know anything
about the flower.
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Snowy evening

I just found this set of images from the winter of 2008-2009. Snowy nights have become so rare in NY. It’s special now when we get a night like this one. Click here to watch.

Remembering Bo

I was sad to hear yesterday that Bo died. Bo, the wonderful cocker-pit who belonged to my friend Jamie was one of a kind. On Memorial Day weekend in 2006 (I think), we met Jamie … Read more →