I’m talking Lean UX in NYC & Boston in March & April

If you’re interested to hear me discuss what I’ve been thinking about these days, here are some opportunities: March 24: “Interviewing for User Experience” at General Assembly. Part of their full-day Startup Product Development Conference. … Read more →

Balanced Team, September 2011

I was pleased again to be able to attend the Balanced Team conference this past weekend in San Francisco. Balanced Team is a conference about collaboration methods for technology development. It’s put on by a … Read more →

What makes it Lean?

What makes Lean UX Lean?  What makes it different enough from other ways of working to merit its own name? Lean UX is not some essential form of UX. Some have suggested that Lean UX is about reducing UX … Read more →

LUXr NYC 2-day workshop, July 9-10

LUXr NYC will be hosting our next 2-day workshop on July 9-10 at Pivotal Labs in NYC. Come join me and Lane Halley at this fun and fast-paced weekend intensive. The intensive is a two-day … Read more →

LeanUX Panel at Startup Lessons Learned 2011

I was lucky to share a stage with Janice Fraser, Tim McCoy, Jeff Gothelf, and Zach Larson at Startup Lessons Learned yesterday, the conference organized by Eric Reis to evangelize the concept of Lean Startup. … Read more →

Entrepreneurial management? Innovation accounting? Eric Reis says you betcha!

A few years ago, a development manager where I worked asked me to sit down for a chat. He had been running a very successful application development team that had done a great job adopting … Read more →

10 Questions and Answers about Lean User Experience

Recently, thanks to my friend Janice Fraser, I’ve had the good fortune of being exposed to the Lean Startup movement. I’ve been thinking and writing and talking about Lean User Experience for a few months … Read more →

Advice for entrepreneurs, MVP edition

I saw this great post on Quora today from Isaac Hall, the co-founder of a Dropbox competitor. In a long, candid post, he talks about what he sees as the reasons for DropBox’s success. This … Read more →